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Pierre-Henri Biger

Hello : it is a pleasure to see the re-birth of your blog !
Copying on the Web is a true plague.
This last month, a young lady (so I guess! dona-rodrigue.eklablog.com/) had borrowed several pages of the "Place de l'Eventail", not hiding the source, but putting it so small that it was difficult to notice. And anyway, our work is our work !
You are right to point the legal context.
As a forenote of my "Mémoire de Master" at University, I have written : " La reproduction de parties limitées de notre travail est vivement recommandée, dès lors que la source est citée convenablement. La reproduction de parties entières, même avec citation de source, justifierait à nos yeux notre approbation préalable. La reproduction -même avec modifications mineures- sans citation de sources, est passible des tribunaux : ceux qui seraient tentés voudront se rappeler que (bien) avant de nous hasarder dans l’histoire de l’art, nous avons été juriste!"
(Reproductions of limited portions of our work are highly recommended, since the source is properly cited. Reproductions of whole sections, even with source citation, in our view justify our prior approval. Reproductions, even with minor changes, without citing sources, are liable to the courts. Those who might want to try could remember that (far) before I venture into the history of art, my job was connected with Law!)
It is a pity to have to write such things. Well, not for the attorneys at law, of course !
Best wishes


For more info there is the website of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, especially on Copyright:
Best wishes, dear Pierre-Henri!

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